Building Bafut communities one at a time

Bafut Manjong Cultural Association works throughout the Bafut Manjong community to change lives. Join the our movement today.

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What are we doing to assist these communities?

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Who we are

The Bafut Manjong Cultural Association, BMCA – is a group of Bafut people and its affiliates based in the United States of America

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What we do

Improve condition of our people in the Bafut community in Cameroon such as improving roads, providing scholarship and education.

Our History

Why did we start this foundation?

Bafut is located in the North West Province of Cameroon. The population of Bafut is estimated at 120.000 people spread over a land surface area of some 340 square kilometers. Bafut has three main regions; Mumela’a (the heart of Bafut), Ntari (southern part of Bafut or the ridge area) and Mbu’untii (the northern or lower Bafut which is along the River Menchum). Bafut is the most powerful of the traditional kingdoms of the Grassfields divided into 26 wards. Today, Bafut is a subdivision under the Mezam division and has its own council with modern government institutions.

National Leadership

Everyone on our team, from our amazing donors to members, upholds a common set of values that help us stay united.

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And 350 more members helping our cause